Arroyo Valley Car Club

The continuing success of the show and the dedication and hard work of our members have allowed us to donate approximately $124,000.00 to local youth and senior citizen activities since 1989.

The Club Members enjoy a Sunday cruise once each month, a general meeting once each month and each year host the Arroyo Valley Car Sho and Cruise Night. Interested in becoming a member?

Club Membership Application 2015

27th Annual Arroyo Valley Car Sho Entry Application 2016

For more information call
President: Bill Madison, 805-489-9195 Vice President: Frank Sullivan, 805-489-9740 Secretary: Linda Madison, 805-489-9195

P. O. Box 1037

Arroyo Grande, CA 93421

18 comments on “Arroyo Valley Car Club
  1. Marilyn Geiger says:

    Not interested in joining, but would like information to bring our car club to the show in 2015. Need date, information for hotels, etc. Thanks,
    Marilyn Geiger, Activities Chairperson, Classic Cruiser’s NOC

    • Linda says:

      John & Linda,

      The club doesn’t provide a list of hotels – sorry. Google or a trip advisor should help you better than we could. Arroyo Grande is a small town with limited hotels, but Pismo Beach is less than 5 miles from where the show is held.

      If you sign up for the show, the cruise is free.

    • Linda says:

      The club doesn’t have a list of hotels in the area and Arroyo Grande is a small town with limited places to stay. Pismo Beach is within 5 miles from the show and they have lots of places to stay. A trip advisor type of web site would help you better than the club could.

      Applications are on the web site and the show is the Last Saturday in July – always.

    • Linda says:

      Applications for the 2015 Car Sho will be available around the middle of April 2015.

      Sorry for the error.

  2. John Noble says:

    We are interested in showing our 55 Chevrolet and participating in the Cruise night beforehand. Registration form? Do you have a list of Hotels or Motels you can recommend? any info would be appreciated, we have been spectators a few times and were inspired to participate, we are from Santa Clarita near Magic mountain.
    John & Linda

  3. Melody Buzby says:

    I would like info to register our car for the 2015 car show.

  4. Dear Arroyo Valley Car Club,

    My name is Anthony and I came across Arroyo Valley Car Club via, I saw your website, and I have to say I was very impressed with all the cars that you guys have personalized and preserved. I love all the different ways that your team has personalized all of these iconic classics.

    I work for a website called, and when I saw your car club I knew you guys would love our website. We are the world’s largest social network for car enthusiasts, with over 1.5 million active users, and growing. This is the place where you can come and talk about what you are doing to your project car. No matter if you keep it stock, personalize it, or track it, talk about what parts you have replaced, and find answers to your problems from other people who have the same vehicle. Questions about paint, interior, body work, and any other issues you might have, we will have the answer to your question.

    Currently we are working with District 10 Car Club, Eddie Morales from and NorCal Dodge Darts. We would be willing to help you out with club expenses like a photo shoot, decals and business cards for your club. We would be willing to help set up community for you and your team. Please contact me for more information on how we can work together. Thank you for your time, and I can’t wait to work with you.

  5. Larkie Barnett says:

    Please registration form or where I can locate on internet.

  6. Allan Mainous says:

    I have a 2014 you have a class in your show for it? Can I get an entry form?

  7. Hank bare says:

    Need car show registration for your July show

  8. Hank bare says:

    Need car show registration form

    • Linda says:

      The web site for the car club has the application on the first page. It is titled 26th Annual Arroyo Valley Car Sho Entry Application.

  9. shannon says:

    Is the show classic cars only?

  10. Sam Sciacca says:

    Parking is always am issue when we come to your car show any suggestions other than come early

  11. Suzy says:

    If you are looking for hotels nearby, then try They have a list of hotels where you can stay while in Arroyo Grande.

  12. Bob Rogers says:

    Will 2016 car show be on July 30th?

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